Wild hotels: accommodations in the forest

27 Aug Wild hotels: accommodations in the forest

Crucero por el Amazonas - TravelgenioWe get into the Amazon rainforest to find accommodations in this wild zone, which is taking into account when looking for different visits. The hotels in the forest are not a myth any more, not even on the shore of the Amazon River. Obviously, accommodations are not as cosmopolitan as in the city. But it’s worthy to wake up in the morning and listen to the sounds of life.

5 wild hotels in the nature

1. Hotel Landhaus Lena (Black Forest): This lovely three-star hotel is located in the town of Schönwald in the heart of the Black Forest, and it offers an exquisite attention to customer. The building is a house of the Black Forest typical style, with charming rooms. Ask for the attic rooms if you want a romantic stay. The rates are surprising, from 25 euros for the rooms and 22 euros for the apartments. It has WiFi and parking, with 24 hours in reception. There are also activities because the hotel is located near natural parks.

2. Hotel Ruralo Besaro (Arati Forest– Navarra): It is not necessary to travel to Germany to know what it means to stay in the forest. There are diverse “wild accommodations” in the Forest of Navarra, among which is the hotel Besaro, ideal for couples and small groups of friends.

3. Hotel Ariaú Towers (Amazon rainforest): Tour packages to the Amazon rainforest are for a minimum of three or four nights. This hotel is the most comfortable in the Amazon forest, with double and individual rooms, swimming pool, bar, shops and a fluvial beach. The means of transport can be by river or land. It is just one hour and a half from the city of Manaus, 60 kilometers by the Amazon River.

4. Hotel Deintree Eco Lodge (Selva Deintree): Do you know what a Bayan is? They are the classic aboriginal huts. We will sleep in one of the “houses of the lost kids”. It means that we will sleep in a hut over our heads. Huts are comfortable, with all the amenities you can imagine. Each hut is for 2 – 4 people. The hotel has spa, the Deintre Wellness Spa and the hotel is easily accessed by road.

5. What about the Forest of Darien? It is surrounded by mystery. Accommodations should be found in villages that are not in the central zone, because this zone is the aboriginal region, although aboriginal people are very friendly to travelers. It is possible to travel from Panamá to Meteti by bus. And then travel to Puerto Quimba from the city La Palma. The accommodation in La Palma is difficult to find, but there are refuges that offer hospitality. You can travel from La Palma to Mogué by ship. This is an indigenous region. Then you can go from Mogué to Río Sambu – Playa Muertos, which is another indigenous community. All this can take around three days. It is three hours to go to Garachiné from Playa Muertos. The best of Darien is that prices are affordable.