What are the ruin pubs in Budapest?

06 Aug What are the ruin pubs in Budapest?

Budapest - Chain BridgeThe ruin pubs are located in the abandon houses in Budapest. Many of them have a unique appearance in the world and attract lots of travelers and lovers of art, especially the followers of kitsch art. Works of art can be found in these pubs. You can have a drink inside a car or on a cinema seat. Go for a visit in Budapest.

Going to Szimpla Kert

After finding accommodation in Budapest, we want to visit a ruin pub, the Szimpla Kert. What does this bar in Razinszy has to attract travelers? It is considered as one of the best bars in the world, with kitsch decoration.

We recommend you to go at night. It is full during the weekend. Solidary meals are offered on Sunday mornings at the Szimpla, and you can try the Hungary gastronomy for a voluntary rate of 500 UHF (1,6 euros).

Instant and Fohogaz at night

The Fohogaz offers activities during the day. And both pubs have a special atmosphere at night. Decoration is marvelous in both bars. Take with you the camera. It is open until 6 in the morning. Both pubs are near Oktogon, university zone to have the dates.

Púder or Corvin Teto, alternatives to ruin pubs

There are other ruin pubs like the Púder, quite curious due to the decoration, as well as the Corvin Teto, located near Corvin Ter (Corvin Square). You can enjoy the DJ music and cold and hot dishes.

The Ankert and the international Meeting Point

Although it is not a normal Ruin Pub, this is an interesting starting point for travellers who are traveling on their own, and also for people who want to meet other people of the world in Budapest.