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17 Sep Experiences you must try before dying

All experiences are personals and there are some ideas you may want to do during your life. Here we are going to list just 10 recommendations you may like to enjoy. Which one would you choose? Things to life during a trip Improvisation: this is often done by those who want to enjoy an adventure but, what about getting a little crazy and not planning anything? Just imagine the plesure to wait till the last second, search...

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03 Sep Pink tourism: the gay getaway for this summer

There are many agencies that are just directed to this type of tourists. The reason is simply: this type of travelers are looking for a social life with other couples with the same tendencies so they sometimes plan a meeting in a concrete city. Which type of travel are they looking for? Security: the most popular are the ones that let them be themselves without secrets. This is why you will often find them in cities like...

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02 Jul Marvellous trip through the Danube

When we refer to the cities on the Danube River we usually mean Wien, Prague and Budapest. But there are others like Belgrade or Bratislava. Nowadays there are numerous cruises among the different cities. Tour over the Danube We will make the tour mainly by ferry. And we will travel by train Belgrade– Budapest. Belgrade – Budapest: The best way to get there is by train. Train rates are around 35 euros. There are no guilders in Budapest,...

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