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13 May Take notes: security in airports

In the modern day, traveling by airplane can be a tricky business. With all the new security regulations since the 9/11, attack the rules and regulations frequently change. It is important to know what the rules are before you travel, but there is so much confusion it is hard to know what is and is not allowed. Let's make the rules a little clearer and try to cut through the confusion. There has been a lot...

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31 Dec Tips for your accommodation

Once you decide a destination, the other part of the planning is choosing the accomodation. Here we want to give you some tips to make your travel a real success. Before you go Do a hotel research on the net looking not only for the cheapest rates but also considering the amenities and services provided, location, possible references from other people. Travel guidebooks can also be very helpful for choosing the hotel that suits you best. Be...

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03 Sep Pink tourism: the gay getaway for this summer

There are many agencies that are just directed to this type of tourists. The reason is simply: this type of travelers are looking for a social life with other couples with the same tendencies so they sometimes plan a meeting in a concrete city. Which type of travel are they looking for? Security: the most popular are the ones that let them be themselves without secrets. This is why you will often find them in cities like...

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