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29 Dec The great Kenya for travellers

Kenya is a crossroads country in Africa, which means a little bit of various African countries reside there. More than 40 languages are spoken and as many as eleven different ethnic groups can be identified. The religious breakdown is also very diverse. Despite this variety, the country has a fairly harmonious existence. The national slogan is harambee which loosely translates to lets pull together. Compared to other sub-Saharan countries, Kenya has historically been advanced in infrastructure...

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08 Oct Fun ideas for Del Pilar Holiday

This festivity will always have a solemn appearance that many will try to avoid. For that reason we will propose some interesting ideas so your experience in Del Pilar “bridge” be as great as possible without expending too much money. In fact, we propose a Budget that does not pass over 200 euros in a single weekend. Impossible? Keep reading and reserve your space today because the possibilities exists. Economic plans but with luxuries for Del...

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17 Sep Experiences you must try before dying

All experiences are personals and there are some ideas you may want to do during your life. Here we are going to list just 10 recommendations you may like to enjoy. Which one would you choose? Things to life during a trip Improvisation: this is often done by those who want to enjoy an adventure but, what about getting a little crazy and not planning anything? Just imagine the plesure to wait till the last second, search...

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