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19 Dec Fishing plans in Alaska

Is fishing one of your hobbies. If the answer is yes, you need to try, at least, once in your life the experience of fishing in Alaska. In concrete in Sleetmute, one of those villages that will leave you speechless. Sleetmute, Alaska is a little town of 100 or so people and is near one of the great fishing locations in Alaska, that being Stoney River Lodge. This Alaska Fishing Lodge is perfectly located near some...

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24 Oct A funny plan in Tahoe

When people think about Tahoe vacations, they are usually thinking about a skiing trip. That is because Tahoe is a great place to ski for people at all skill levels. From the beginner to the expert, you can find ski slopes that seem to have been made just for you at the hot spots for Tahoe vacations. However, Tahoe vacations offer a much more. Skiers, snowshoers and snowboarders are likely to have an incredible time on...

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23 May An eco option to travel to Orlando

Orlando is much more than just some of the most famous and amusement parks of the world. It offers a great opportunity to enjoy many outdoor sports like kayaking. You don't believe us? Just take a look. The best locations for kayaking include the following: 1. Pelican Island, the USA’s first national wildlife refuge which was inaugurated in 1903 2. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is the home of the largest number of endangered plant and bird...

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