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11 May A London incredible getaway

London - the grand resonance of its very name suggests history and might. Its opportunities for entertainment by day and night go on and on and on. It’s a city that exhilarates and intimidates, stimulates and irritates in equal measure, a grubby Monopoly board studded with stellar sights. It is a cosmopolitan mix of Third and First Worlds, chauffeurs and beggars, the stubbornly traditional and the proudly ultramodern. But somehow - between Her Majesty and Boy...

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08 Oct Fun ideas for Del Pilar Holiday

This festivity will always have a solemn appearance that many will try to avoid. For that reason we will propose some interesting ideas so your experience in Del Pilar “bridge” be as great as possible without expending too much money. In fact, we propose a Budget that does not pass over 200 euros in a single weekend. Impossible? Keep reading and reserve your space today because the possibilities exists. Economic plans but with luxuries for Del...

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