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01 Sep A great plan: scuba in Aruba!

What can be a more adventurous and fulfilling scuba diving vacation experience than liveaboard luxury yacht cruising and scuba diving in the tropical islands of Bali? Contrary to what many scuba divers think, liveaboard scuba diving may not be as expensive as you think. In fact if planned properly, live on board diving vacations may even save you money and inconveniences. Firstly, you will on transportation time and costs traveling to your dive operator's boat and...

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24 Jun Cruises: a trip to Bermuda

Bermuda, really a paradise, more than 140 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. This land was arrived by the Spanish in 1503, the island prospered with the arrival of English settlers in the early 1600's and those cultural links exist to this day. Bermuda is still a British dependency and the British monarch is the official head of state. However, the island is self governing and has its own parliament. Bermuda is world famous for its ability to...

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24 Sep Helsinki, the most cosmo Finnish summer

The Finnish capital has many attractions in summer, such as a 24 hours day, and we are not joking as during the summer the midnight sun seems a representation of the kingdom of the sun winning the darkness. 5 ways of falling in love with Helsinki Almost 19 hours of light during summer: it is not a secret that, in Finland, temperatures are extreme and during winter they are really hard. Anyway, during summer days last about...

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