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11 Mar An adventure in Portugal

The western part of the Iberian Peninsula, the part bathed by the Atlantic Ocean is the traditional country of Portugal. Long ago, the territory between the northern part of Portugal and Spain were not very well defined and the cultural aspects were very similar. But then the Castrena culture made its first appearance with grass thatched huts in a round formation in the north and then the Romans took over, separating the two territories. From...

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01 Oct Special destinations to go at the end of school

Even if the recent school year has just started, is worth having a knowledge of the characteristics with which will be possible to find the most interesting peculiarities that concerns the enjoyment of diverse destinations. Without a doubt we can find some vacations for a group of students from school or university without needing a whole lot of money. Is important to note that when traveling with a group there always will be interesting prices...

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