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19 Apr Prince Edward Island, a Canadian getaway

If your vacation plans include travel any where in Canada this summer, consider a departure from the everyday and charter a course for the gentle pleasures of Prince Edward Island. Your Canada travel itinerary would not be complete without a stay here. Once on the Island, marvel at miles and miles of beautiful white, champagne, pink or red sand beaches. On Prince Edward Island shorelines your eyes will soar as high as a seabird and beyond...

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25 Mar Do you know where Chapel Hill is?

Chapel Hill may be small, but it's certainly mighty. As part of the Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill Research Triangle, Chapel Hill is home to the University of North Carolina, a large research industry, and a populace focused on education and culture. As a college town and part of a region that has the highest number of Ph.D-holders per capita in the country, Capitol Hill is both educated and fairly liberal. The small town of just over 50,000 makes...

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15 Oct Low cost trips that you should do before dying

We will mention the ten low cost trips you should do before dying. Contrary to the common belief not only can we find low costs through Europe, but also around the world we can find places to go without expending a fortune. In fact, the budgets will be as low as possible so you can enjoy a wide range of services and resources that clearly will seem unique. Essential low cost vacations that should be done...

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