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28 Jul Culture in Costa Rica, a new destination to discover

Costa Rica has a vast history of music, food, and morals. Music in Costa Rica is often associated to Spanish –style music. Spanish music is highly affluent in Costa Rica. Often times, the Spanish music is played with mariachis, and can be heard in restaurants, concert halls, and on the pedestrian lined streets. Costa Rican’s take pride in their food, which is evident in their cooking. There is a lot of passion and care that is...

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30 Jan Costa Rica, a trip to the Caribbean

A Costa Rica Caribbean vacation lets you explore active volcanoes, see wild animals, see lush rain forests up close, and swim and lounge on great beaches.  Costa Rica is one of the few ultimate paradises that have been left untouched on planet Earth.  There are no military bases or nuclear power plants, and Costa Rica has lots of culture.  In addition, Costa Rica is a tropical climate, so there's no winter to contend with.  Costa...

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24 Feb Costa Rica is waiting for you

For those looking for the ultimate adventure vacation whether it is by one’s self or with one’s family, look no further then the beautiful and exotic country of Costa Rica, with its golden sand beaches, active volcanoes, lush dense rain and cloud forests, and amazing vibrant seaside towns. With something for everyone, this tiny Central American country has today become one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations, with plenty to do and much to see. Offering...

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