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11 Apr Campos Do Jordão, the unknown Brazil

If you want to visit a city with a tipically tempered climate but that is located in the tropics then you should visit Campos do Jordão in the brazilian state of São Paulo. It is located more or less in between 3 well known capitals of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Campos do Jordão is easy to reach over the highways that connect these cities. As a result, many people visit...

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13 Jun A safe trip to Brazil

A nation that is rich in sights and attractions, Brazil is one of the best destination choices when you fly south of America. Brazil is the 5th largest and 5th most populous country in the world. Its territory spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the central and east of South America, dwarfing the neighboring countries of Argentina, Uraguay, and Paraguay in the south, Bolivia and Peru in the east, and Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and...

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04 Mar An all inclusive for all the family

If you want to find the best all-inclusive family resort, consider the wonders of these premiere destinations: Franklin D. Resort in Jamaica What could make your perfect all-inclusive family resort vacation even better? How about a "vacation nanny" to accompany your children during your stay? At the Franklin D. Resort, that's just what you'll get. By offering this worry-free service, critics and guests alike rate the Franklin D. Resort as one of world's finest all-inclusive family destinations....

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