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23 Jun Iceland, the unknown destination for adventurers

Attracting droves of tourists every year, Europe promises the ancient, the diverse, and the completely fascinating. Most travelers scurry past the major sites and cram in as much as possible in order to get through a list of 'must sees.' Unfortunately, much is overlooked due to lack of time and money while the infinite unique treasures sometimes hidden for the resourceful traveler remain undiscovered and unappreciated. Not that visits to the key attractions should be...

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01 Jul A trip to the smallest country of Latin America

For most of the European it is an unknown spot on the globe – and some do not know it at all. However, for the Netherlands it is more familiar, as names of places such as Groningen, Wageningen, Frederiksdorp or Nieuw Amsterdam are more common – and the presidential palace is located at the Onafhankelijkheidsplein (Independent Square). The royal house Oranje-Nassau immortalised itself at the Wilhelmina-Gebergte (mountain range); Julianatop and that waterfalls are having the...

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18 Feb A trip to the Cooper Canyon in Mexico

Sierra Tarahumara, popularly known as Copper Canyon is situated in Mexico. The area is a favorite destination among those seeking an adventurous vacation. Copper Canyon is one of the six gorges in the area. Although the name suggests that the gorge might have some relevance to copper mining, this is not the case. The name is derived from the copper and green lichen covering the canyon. Copper Canyon has two climatic zones. The region features an...

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