Special destinations to go at the end of school

01 Oct Special destinations to go at the end of school

REven if the recent school year has just started, is worth having a knowledge of the characteristics with which will be possible to find the most interesting peculiarities that concerns the enjoyment of diverse destinations. Without a doubt we can find some vacations for a group of students from school or university without needing a whole lot of money. Is important to note that when traveling with a group there always will be interesting prices associated with a way of achieving the best experiences in our travels.

5 tips before choosing between one of our proposed destinations

What is your point of origin?
What do you want? A cultural trip, of pleasure…etc?
What is your budget?
How many days are you planning for the trip?
How many in your group?

International destinations, the most popular

Riviera Maya, the classical trip for the end of school: There are many packages for the Riviera Maya, which is a destination of high demand, and this is one of the favorites by students – specially college students, because even if traveling in groups is cheaper, it is recommended that students under 18 years don’t travel in transatlantic travels because this could bring problems to the caregivers or tutors. In the Riviera Maya is possible to see the reservation of Sian Ka’an as many other things, as in the case of the heavenly beaches or resort.

Advantages: a wide range of diverse sport activities (diving, etc), everything included, beach, rest, and cultural visits to the remains of the Mayan Empire.

Inconvenient: Más enfocado al tándem “playa, comer y beber” que a las visitas culturales. Pocas posibilidades de visitar la verdadera Riviera Maya debido al hermetismo de las excursiones.

Rome and Greece, perfect for students of Humanities: school students or those in their first year in History, Art or Philosophy will greatly enjoy the visit to the ancient cities. The fact of being able to explore places like the Island of Rhodes or the Colosseum are enough to decide and make the trip.
The advantages of Greece are the culture and the possibility of traveling in a cruise. However, some disadvantages are the high costs of Athena – and the islands – and the short night life.
The city of Rome is so vast that we could make an entire trip and even so being unable to explore it completely. This vastness is an advantage, including the perfect night life in the city with a lot of zones of tapeo. Also, the flights generally are cheap and we could always find time to explore some of the near cities. The only disadvantage of Rome could be the high cost of the city.

Cruiser through northern Europe for college students (for the end of the school year):
Even if many people believe that cruisers are expensive this is not always the case. In fact, if something characterize some of the companies that offer these type of trips is that their prices are not high. The average price is 600 euros for 8-days trips with flight included thanks to Iberocruceros. They also tend to include packages of beverages and part of Copenhagen. They are perfect for university students or even school students in their last year..

Advantages: You will have the opportunity to visit many cities, the entire package is delicious and the onboard activities will maintain the students entertained. All of this is not costly if a balance is made.

Inconvenient: the excursions are paid separately in addition to taxes and tips.

Marruecos or Egypt, perfect for excursions: This countries are of different budgets (Marruecos is cheaper, but Egypt is one of the most expensive destinations you could find near Europe). The advantages of both places is the wide range of variety of things to do and see, and in the case of Marruecos one week trip is as low as 400 euros. In the case of Egypt the cost will be of 700 euros per person. The main disadvantages are the particular inconvenient you could find in each country, but they are great and interesting places to visit.

Funchal Island? Ideal for school trips! As we already know, this islands are phenomenal, but the thing we didn’t know is that it could be very cheap to travel to them. In most cases, the packages don’t go beyond 350-400 euros per person. This trip is recommended for university students and school students.

Budapest, Bruselas and Berlin, the three B’s for partying and culturing: These capitals are perfect for school trips. They are very cultural, they offer many options for partying, and they have security, so the possibilities of any conflicts are low. The only disadvantage is that with many festivities at the end the students will be wanting more. For example, in Brusela is important to visit Brujas because it is a beautiful community. In Budapest, is forbidden to leave before visiting the arabian baths.