Spain discovered by your own…by car

13 Dec Spain discovered by your own…by car

If you want to have the freedom of touring Spain on your own schedule, you may want to consider a Malaga Car Hire. By hiring a car you are not forced to be a slave to the public transportation schedules or problems, you can decide when you want to see things, for how long, and travel at your own pace.

A car hire can be found at the Malaga airport, which is about six kilometers west of the city. There are two ways to get your hire. First you can just pick up a car at the airport. Many companies have conveniently located shops at the airport.  Others that are based in the city will pick you up from the airport, take you to your car, and shuttle you back to the airport when you complete your stay.

Which Malaga version would you like?

There are a number of car hire companies in the Costa del Sol area to choose from, so what should you consider as you try to pick just one?  First, you can get a list of car hire companies by going online and conducting a search, or speaking to a travel agent. Online you have a better chance of being able to compare prices to get the best deal on a rental car.

While all companies will say they have the lowest price, you need to look a little more closely at the prices they are offering. Sometimes there are a number of extra charges that will be tacked on to that extra-low price, actually making it less of a deal than you could have gotten in another location.

If you are looking for convenience in your car hire, you may want to pick up the car at the airport. It is much easier to get off your plane, get a car, and be on your way.  It will also save you precious time by not having to wait for the car company to shuttle you from the airport to their location and back again.