Quaint hotels to visit Norway

16 Jul Quaint hotels to visit Norway

Turismo en Noruega - TravelgenioThe Norwegian countries are known by the high standard of life concerning services, and also by the kind people. The fiords and the possibility of admiring the Northern Lights are the main reasons why visitors love Norway.

5 quaint hotels in the Norwegian cities

1. Hollmenkolle Park Hotel Rica: It is located in the center of Oslo. It is a four-star hotel with a terrace, gardens and wonderful surroundings. The hotel is a traditional Norwegian building, and it is more than one hundred years old. Travelers may access to numerous places of interest from the hotel.

2. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel: It is located on the shore of the Alta River. The hotel temperature remains at about -5ºC. It is a marvelous building with sauna and tubs outdoors. Rooms have sleeping bags and mattresses made of fair. You can spend a wonderful time for 270 euros.

3. Hotel Alexandra in Strig: It is located at the marvelous Stryn. This hotel is integrated in a beautiful wooded landscape with high mountains on the horizon.  The Alexandra hotel rooms are really attractive, with all the necessary to spend a comfortable holiday. The Jacuzzis and confort zone are remarkable.

4. Radisson Blue Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim: The city of Trondheim is usually visited by travelers who want to visit the surroundings of the fiords in the center of Norway. It’s marvelous because architecture and the natural environment are balanced, and it is priceless for those travelers who are looking for adventures and also want to be in the urban. It is a luxury lodging located on the channels shore. The Radisson hotels are mainly characterized by the four-star comfort in attractive locations for all kind of travelers. There are a variety of rooms and also rooms adapted to people with disabilities.  This is one of the quaint hotels to visit.

5. Gudvangen Fjordtell: This quaint hotel is amazing. It is a one-story bulding with grass on the roof. Its rustic look fits perfectly in the nature of Gudvangen. This beautiful village is located 300 kilometers from Oslo.

Nordkvaloya Rebbenesoya

This is a Norwegian polar village has a difficult accessibility, so it is advisable to travel up to Tromso and then take a ferry to the island. The closest accommodation is in Lille and Tromso. Travelers come to this land to know it but they do not stay in it.

Tromso is the Lapp capital, with a population of 66.000 people. It is considered the meeting point for many travelers and it offers a lot of accommodation. The Iggdrasitulnet hotel is noteworthy. It is located by the river among mountains. We will enjoy the beautiful landscape in Northern Norway.