Marvellous trip through the Danube

02 Jul Marvellous trip through the Danube

Budapest - Travel2beWhen we refer to the cities on the Danube River we usually mean Wien, Prague and Budapest. But there are others like Belgrade or Bratislava. Nowadays there are numerous cruises among the different cities.

Tour over the Danube

We will make the tour mainly by ferry. And we will travel by train Belgrade– Budapest.

Belgrade – Budapest: The best way to get there is by train. Train rates are around 35 euros. There are no guilders in Budapest, but you can change at the train station in the city. A flotante hotel over the Danube river is the best place to accommodate in Budapest.

Budapest – Bratislava: It is recommended to travel by train. Train fares are around 9 euros per trip. Visitors can know Bratislava in just one day. The accommodation in Bratislava is slightly higher than it is in Budapest, but it is cheap anyway.

Bratislava – Wien: You will fall in love with Wien. You can access from Bratislava by ferry for 18 euros per trip.

Wien – Prague:  The end of our trip is a bit more expensive, because there are 300 kilometers of distance between both cities. The cost of the travel is around 60 euros if you want to go by ferry. It worths it though, because of the beauty of this zone.

How to get to Belgrade

We recommend traveling to Sophia with Wizzair to go to Belgrade, because tickets cost around fifty euros. And then it is easy to travel from Sophia to Belgrade.