Five hotels in Las Vegas

23 Jul Five hotels in Las Vegas

Hoteles Temáticos - TravelgenioMany people enjoyed Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Julia Roberts in “Ocean’s Eleven”. There were people who fell in love with Elizabeth Sue in Leaving Las Vegas or those who were ill after two nights drinking with Hunter S. Thompson, roll played by Johnny Deep in Fear and asco in Las Vegas. Many stories go on in the streets and hotels in Las Vegas.

Five cinema hotels in Las Vegas

Caesar Palace: If you have heard about the films “Resaca in Las Vegas”, “Iron Man”, “Dream Girls” or “Rainman”, this is your hotel. It is a luxury hotel in Las Vegas and the rates of the rooms are around 200 euros per night, unless you book it in a pack of a travel agency.

Venetian Hotel: The theme is inspired in Venice. It is shown in the film “Miss Special Agent 2”. The protagonist is Sandra Bullock. There are shows in the hotel, like “the blue men group” or the pool deck on the hotel terrace.

Luxor: It is a stop for gamers. The videogame “The Grand Thief Auto” is referenced in this hotel.

Bellagio Hotel: It is the main site in the film “The great estafa ” or  “Ocean’s Eleven”

Treasure Island: “Miss Special Agent” and “Dodge ball” were filmed in this luxury hotel. Nowadays it is a wonderful choice for a vacation.

Best seasons to travel to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in Nevada State in the middle of the desert. The best temperatures are during the months between March and June. Hotels must be booked in advance, as well as the visa. Prices are high in Las Vegas. Take in mind to include 15% of propinas for the personnel in restaurants and coffee shops.