Film break in Pedraza (Segovia) in Spain

22 Oct Film break in Pedraza (Segovia) in Spain

viajes - upitravelThis small walled citadel, found in the heart of Segovia, in Spain, may be one of the most magnificent historical monuments inhabited today. Its streets are sample of how important can be to rewrite what we know about enjoying a pleasant stay in Pedraza. Only in this way we can enjoy a wide range of services that can be unique in all possible aspects. Spending a great time in Pedraza will be a great event on itself because it will be possible to revive the cinema in a way that will be unique in all levels.

An unforgettable evening in El Desván

Although there are many lodgings that can be interesting, undoubtedly El Desván is the most attractive of them all. It is located in the walled interior of the city from where we can discover the beautiful castle of the city just 3 minutes on foot. If possible, we will be able to find in the population everything we wish for or want to discover.

The rooms in El Desván are by itself a marvel since all of them are equipped with a private bathroom, TV and a queen size bed. A curious and interesting fact is that all the rooms include an interesting kitchen which includes a dishwasher, so the travel is highly recommended in all aspects since saving is an important point for this type of getaways. Don’t forget to try out the roasted suckling pig!

Two TV Series from Spain are being filmed behind the walls of Pedraza

Since the success of the period drama Águila Roja many TV series based on the medieval environment of Pedraza have been filmed within and around the walled city, which is recognized as an example of classical medieval destination. Unlike what might be expected, we have to understand the importance that filming of series like Toledo or Isabel have in this city. If you want to know this population as deeply as possible you have to visit at least these two sites of interest:

The Castle of the Village may be the most important attraction of the city. It is a building of medieval construction.
The Prison of the VIllage is a building that may be stuck in time. In fact, it continues to represent one of the most interesting varieties of options.

The night of the candles, a festivity you cannot miss.

You have to note the importance of visiting Pedraza in the most interesting moment of the year: July. July is one of those months where we can experience the night where all the illumination of the city is with candles.