5 reasons to travel to Strasburg, capital of Alsace

20 Aug 5 reasons to travel to Strasburg, capital of Alsace

Check-in - TravelgenioThe capital of Alsace is one of those cities where you have to stop to admire the flowers. There are so many attractions that it is possible that it becomes a destination in our way. Above all we must understand that it is of great importance for the traveler to know what is more important to see in a few days and where to stay.

Reasons for traveling to Strasburg

1. Le Petite France: It is considered Heritage of the Mankind. The old town is also called “The Petite France”. It is a beautiful framework of magic houses, little streets and channels. The channels and the International Institute of Pontomiers are sited in the old town, as well as the Church of Saint Paul. The neighborhood of the Bridges and the Dock of Bateliers make a wonderful picture.

2. Parc d L´orangerie: This is a perfect park for a picnic. There is a zoo and a mini-farm. The pavilion Josephine is an exhibition hall for both general and temporal exhibitions.

3. Sailing by boat on the channels: You can enjoy a tour on the channels in Strasburg with rates of 9 euros for the adult’s entries and 4 euros for the children entries. The duration is approximately one hour and it runs through the historic town.

4. The route of the Alsace wines: Do not miss the wine deal if you have time. The main point of interest is the city Riquewihr.

5. Cathedral of Strasburg: The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Strasburg is a beautiful building that combines several styles. And it is especially beautiful at night when it is illuminated.